Training Paddles on the Lake

25 Feb

This weekend I finally got back on the water. My physical condition is quite poor so I needed to do some hard k’s and not necessarily have any purpose. Saturday was fine, clear and still on Lake Macquarie. I put in about 5km before returning. This is woeful in seakayaking terms as I need to be able to do 15-20km before getting any respect but my busted-ass back is a limiting factor and non-existant abdominal strength is prolonging the agony. Short hard paddles like this will cure the problem. I am an ACHPER certified fitness leader (ROTFLMFAO) so I know exactly what to do. When I tell people about this qualification they think I’m bullshitting because of my current state of dilapidation, but its true. I was a powerlifter with a nationally ranked deadlift and I was a swimmer of national standard back in the ’70’s and ’80s. I have also spent most of my life involved in martial arts so underneath a layer of fat and grey hair is a superathlete just waiting for a comeback. This, of course, is a long way to spell “has been”.

I digress, back to my extremely interesting paddle on Lake Macquarie. Anyway, the heartpounding adventure of Saturday over, I repeated the exercise on Sunday, nice and early. It was overcast and rained which was good as there was very little traffic in Warners Bay except some small powercraft and the Speers Point Rowing Club rowers getting yelled at by some fat dude in a tinny with an outboard. Nice. This morning I felt great and since a storm was fast apporaching I crossed the bay direct to my car and focused on a good powerful forward stroke into the wind. The water was starting to get choppy and more interesting but I really felt in touch with my boat and in the swing of the stroke.

All in all a good workout weekend. The only problem being the Wiley-X SG1s I spent a fortune putting prescription lenses in. I have already sent a pair of $500 Bill Bass sunnies with Nikorlite lenses to the bottom of Croudace Bay so I went for tactical goggles to prevent this. I ebayed the SG1s at a good price and spent a motza on the scripts. The problem is the bastards fog up and even rain inside!! SHIIIIT!! I can’t take a trick. I intend modifying them to increase the airflow but I won’t know if this works till next time.


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