Marks Point Playing

07 Mar

I took the kids for a swim to Marks Point today because it was hot and humid and they were driving us crazy. I went to Marks Point just inside the channel to Lake Macquarie. There is a great series of sand flats and clean shallow water that attracts swimmers and boaters of all sorts. I got the kids established then put the kayak in the water. Since they are excellent swimmers I could leave them unattended for short periods while I went for paddle. The tide can run pretty fast at times as this is the only exit for the Lake. The varying water depth also makes for interesting changes in surface conditions and the constant stream of power boats churns the water. This made for some interesting paddling as some of the tidal currents had waves up to 2 feet. The Google Earth pic attached is now out of date as the cove inlet nearest the airport has had breakwalls installed to narrow the gap. This deepens the entrance and produces a long sandy swimming beach inside the island and the mainland. The narrow entrance now runs very quickly and this is enormous fun on a kayak. By the end of the day I was carving up these currents and leaning into the waves much more confidently than before. I’m still not ready for the real beach but maybe soon.

I grew up in Marks Point and Belmont and my family connections to the place are deep. Its great to rediscover the place with my own kids and find a new playground. I’ll be spending some time here and training Samantha when I get her a boat.

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