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I am blind in one eye and badly short sighted in the other. Glasses to me are like a vital organ you can replace each year. I also have a need for prescription sunglasses. For 10 years I used a fantastic pair of Bill Bass sunnies that were light, snug and damn sexy. Eventually, they became worn out so I bought a new pair of $500 Bill Bass with Nikorlite polarized polycarbonite lenses. These were so good I could see into the future. Unfortunately, the frames were rubbish and kept breaking. One day I was paddling and took a roll into the drink. Now these sunnies are at the bottom of the deep blue sea.
After my sad lamentations my boss (Shillard) recommended Wiley-X SG1’s. Since I am a Stargate fan they were the perfect choice. So I ebayed myself a set and had an optometrist fit some great new scripts so that I could see so well I could read peoples innermost desires. Then off for a paddle armed with super tactical Stargate battle goggles…but then…
As soon as I got into a cadence and putting away some miles, the inside of my Wileys became all tropical complete with mist and rain. BOLLOCKS! I can’t take a trick. I spent a lot of time trying to keep them clear but they insisted on maintaining a seperate climate. This brought my cadence to a halt and I was forced to paddle home trying to squint 20:20 vision. Reluctant though I was to modify $400 worth of eyewear, I drilled a series of vents through the frame and cut away some of the rubber seals. So far so good. The moral of this story is that I am not the only kayaker or sportsman who wears glasses so why don’t manufacturers cater for this. It always costs me a packet because I buy good sunnies and have to replace expensive lenses with more expensive scripts. Typical.

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3 responses to “Sunglasses

  1. Danny

    September 13, 2008 at 11:11 pm

    Check these out!

  2. Macca

    October 12, 2010 at 7:59 am

    A Kite surfing Mate recons you can’t go past Sea Specs. Seaspecs dont fog up and stay in place. Bought a pair and agree, Brilliant for Kayaking


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