14th & 15th April 2007 Marks Point

15 Apr

This weekend we returned to Marks Point and this time Sam came with the Gecko. Though not her first time out, it was the first real day out to practice and have some fun. We brought the kids and Dad and as usual there were plenty of people and plenty of boats. We met Alan and Ingrid, a seakyaking couple with a pair of Prijons, and had a good yarn and traded some information. Once we put in I had a brief paddle with Alan before he and Ingrid left.
Sam and I had several good hours of paddling and catching wake waves and swell while Dad and the kids fished and swam. Sam is looking pretty sharp in the boat and the Gecko is a good match although it needs some seat adjustments. She is even doing some edging and carving some half meter waves.

On Sunday we returned without Dad but with our friend Greg. Greg played with kids for a while and then I forced him into the Eco for a fairly humiliating debut. Greg has no sea legs and his 6’5″ frame makes him a bit top heavy so he spent a good deal of time in the drink. Several onlookers enjoyed the experience more than Greg.
Marks Point is a good family day out and a good training ground for beginner kayakers but I’m now looking for some more adventure and soon I’ll be calling Wayne Langmaid at Rogue Planet for getting my sea skills certification.

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