Mountain Designs

12 Jun

I am a bit of an anti-logoist but a total brandist. This means I generally have high brand loyalty but I don’t think that means I should be a billboard for them. Unless I want to. If I buy a sport shirt, I have already supported the brand by buying it so if they want me to display the logo, which is essentially an advertisement, they should either pay me or sponsor me with the stock. I have a Hugo Boss suit but that doesn’t mean they get to put “Hugo Boss” all over the back of the jacket; and they don’t. I don’t mind a little discreet logo above the pocket or a little patch like on Levi’s jeans but Nike and Reebok can get stuffed if they think I’ll be their sandwich board boy. Bogans who put a big “Commodore” sticker across the windscreen of their Commodore are a bit sad really. I CAN SEE IT’S A BLOODY COMMODORE YOU WANKER!

Anyhow…this pointless diatribe is leading up to my endorsement of a brand. Now, considering I have nothing to offer and largely no talent in the kayaking world, any endorsement I make is an exercise in futility but being the brandist that I am, I feel I should at least go on record to say that my new Mountain Designs gear is bloody marvelous. I don’t know if it’s the best you can get and really don’t care. The fact is, it’s far superior to any other clothing I own except for the $6 flanno I got from Target which is a masterpiece in versatility and cost-effectiveness. I think I mentioned my Wentworth jacket previously. It’s the second echelon of MD technical wear so it’s pretty cheap compared to hard-core outershells you could buy but it is light, breathable and comfortable and kept me bone dry and snug during our recent killer storm.
The revelation is in the Icebreaker Merino 190g/m2 T-Shirt I got on sale. It’s made from some New Zealand super-merino wool and woven by a process retrieved from Area 51. The upshot is that you can wear this for days at a time, never taking it off, and it doesn’t stink or get clingy or uncomfortable in any way. I wore it as a base layer for days under the aforementioned flanno and I felt very sexy indeed. Samantha preferred it without the flanno. So Mountain Designs, consider yourself officially endorsed. (BTW, that’s not me in the pic).

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