15 Nov

lake macquarie

Sometimes you just have to put in the k’s for no other reason but to keep on paddling. After a few weeks between trips I just had to get in the water and with limited time I packed up Inge (the Volvo) and went to the lake. This is a place we take for granted as we live so close and paddling on it on a bright sunny day can be dead boring. The most you have to worry about is getting run down by the lunatic jetskiers that infest the lake or paddling into the numerous regattas on in the Summer. On the east side, it can be a real chore finding a place to put in. There are hundreds of boats and the ramps are chock-a-block. The waterfront is mostly built up so you can’t just find a spare bit of shoreline to drop the boat.
For safety reasons I won’t paddle at sea alone so to do some distance in a short time means the lake. But once you’re in and away you realize what a great stretch of water it is. It’s the largest coastal lake in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s our playground. I grew up on it and flinging your kids around on a tube behind a boat is a common family sport. There are house-boats with parties going and some very expensive craft just doin’ the rounds. Countless tinnies are dotted over the landscape looking for fish that are back in numbers since the moratorium on commercial fishing started. There are stingrays and big fish of all kinds. I saw a 6 foot pike eel at Eleebana once and the birdlife is more varied than it’s been for years. Each turn into a different bay brings slight variations in current, wind and wave. But still, the lake rarely gets too angry and I can see why the hard-core by-pass it for less sedate opportunities.

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Posted by on November 15, 2007 in Kayaking Life


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