NSW Recreational Paddle Group

28 Nov

NSW Recreational Paddle Group

Anton at Southern Adventures (C-Kayak) is a pretty laid back guy and it stands to reason that a paddle group he promotes is pretty laid back too. It seems there is a majority of recreational paddlers who just want to go paddling around some nice Australian scenery with a group of like-minded individuals, enjoying the time afloat and stopping for some outdoor lunch before going home. Now, I know what you seakayakers are thinking; I feel the same way. Why on earth would they not want to spend days at sea with the fear of drowning or being eaten by sharks, getting lost and beaching in a shore-dump. Who would not want to spend the night trying to dry out cold, wet gear in a howling southerly while holding their tent with both hands to prevent being blown into the sea. Apparently, there are some who reject these things in favour of the sensual gratification of an enjoyable day out. Are these people not riddled with anxiety about Werner vs. Lendall, or don’t they ever contemplate the relevance of the Greenland style to Australian conditions? Have they not ever considered buying a car solely on how well it can take your Rhino roofracks? I don’t understand it either. But you’ve got to give the punters what they want and Anton is doing just that. The NSW Recreational Paddle Group is not a club but rather a co-ordinated marshalling of paddlers who turn up and…paddle. Pretty simple stuff and for most people, like my wife, Sam, that’s all you ever need. Since it’s not a Club there are no fees. Check out the Southern Adventures site for the group’s page and see where they are getting to.

So far the Paddle group has had four (I think) trips around the central coast and each trip attracts about 30-40 of these recreational paddlers who all seem to be having fun. That’s a pretty good roll call and I hope they keep it up. There’s a mixed bag of boats too because these guys are more about having a good time. (I guess you could paddle that way if you want to!) For someone interested in paddling but doesn’t want to commit to high cost and lots of training this is the way to go.

The next trip Anton assures me is December 16th “up around Lake Macquarie”. When I’ve got something more specific I’ll post it here. That means you have to let me know, Anton. I’ll be there with Eco and maybe Gecko so I look forward to checking some of this unusual breed out.

BTW, I nicked the pic off your site Anton. Hope it’s royalty free.

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