New Look for RJimlad

30 Dec

I’ve had to change the layout of the blog in case you didn’t notice. Although, a change is as good as a holiday, the reason is that I was unhappy with the sidebar of the old theme. I plan to rebuild the site again and host it myself which means I won’t be restricted to WordPress’s themes. WordPress is great but I need the full code and some skill to do it all myself. I have the first but not the second so I won’t change it until it’s completely sorted. I hope you like the new look. It’s all the same really except the blurb about RJimlad which was bollocks anyhow. If you really need to know my non-kayaking details then hit the Facebook link; it’s decidedly average.

Blogging is now a dominant activity for me these days. There’s an entire industry built on meta-blogging i.e, bogs about blogging. I have learnt an enormous amount about the craft of blogging and social networking over the last few months and have attained a degree of success I never thought possible. In the kayaking community there’s some outstanding blogs in both style and substance. I routinely check everyone’s blogs and try to participate constructively. If you are new to kayaking I recommend joining a club as it puts you into a community and your skill and enjoyment of your sport will thrive. If you are a kayaker with a blog, I recommend putting some effort into the science of blogging and networking as it extends your reach into the whole world and you join a global club.

At the moment I am enjoying the pressure of keeping my blog up to a standard being set by others. It’s not a competition and there’s no “arms race” as I joked about somewhere but if I’m going to do it at all, I’m going to do it well. Unfortunately, I am not the same standard paddler as many other bloggers and don’t get the opportunities to paddle the great locations they do. My original intention of this blog was to log my progress from complete beginner to a respectable kayaker. The blog content has moved off this somewhat but it really is pointless logging training paddles on the weekend where nothing happens but sweat or play. As the year ends, I have reached Grade 2 with the NSW Seakayaking club, have met many new friends and learnt huge amounts from trainers. I have had some exciting trips and got some new gear. I am no longer a beginner. My blog has evolved and is being syndicated and read so it’s not a beginner either.

So for 2008 I hope to get to Grade 3, which is quite hard apparently, get some trips in, get another boat, get fit and get this blog into the next level, whatever that is. I hope the regular paddlebloggers keep on adding great content and being as influential as they are. You part time bloggers, get to work and let’s hear from you. I hope the seakayaking community worldwide paddles hard, stays safe and gets more connected for 2008.

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Posted by on December 30, 2007 in Kayaking Life


One response to “New Look for RJimlad

  1. derrick

    December 31, 2007 at 5:01 pm

    You know when I started my blog I’d never really paddled much outside of my area and certainly had less skill. Hell, I still have so much more to improve it’s scary. Most of the time the way we get better is by making a bunch of really dumb mistakes along the way. LOL! The great thing about blogging along the way is that there are always people at the same level as you and they can share in your experiences. How you learn and express how you learn will be exactly what others need. Just write it all down. We all learn and teach differently. You’ll be surprised how many people needed to hear it the way only you can tell it.


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