30 Mar

 Trangia 25

I had to make a decision about camp cooking equipment. I took my time looking at the options. The more experienced of you will know them already: gas, alcohol, multifuel…

More important is to first weigh up priorities. Weight, size, convenience of fuel, speed of cooking, climatic conditions. The club forum had some discussion with most opting for gas and many saying they moved on from the Trangia they first bought. The very lovely Clare from Mountain Designs in Newcastle has become my consultant for such matters and her knowledge of camping and adventure equipment is practical and reliable. She confirmed the practical aspects of the Trangia but said I would probably move on to the gas converter accessory. She was right.

For me, the Trangia is a practical way to store a heap of cooking gear in a package that can be easily stowed and should be reliable for decades. It doesn’t take up much room in the kayak and I figured that for overnight kayaking trips, cook time would be a minor concern. So the default metho package was bought but I got the stainless pan version rather than straight Aluminium. However, I carried out some tests which showed that boiling a cup of water for tea was painfully slow. When sufficient heat is built up, cooking food would not be so slow but if you just want to stop off on a beach somewhere for some coffee, you may as well pitch your tent for the night. So gas converter was bought next and now the Trangia is as fast as an MSR Whisperlite but much more convenient and stable. The alcohol burner is a much more economical option when you have time to sit and cook without rush. 

I keep a trigger lighter, scourer, tablecloth, flint, and Trangia bits inside the packed up kit which makes a tidy, small and lightweight kitchen. I looked at all the MSRs, Primus and Optimus systems and they sure are small and light which makes them perfect for backpackers, cyclists and the like but if you can take 140 kg in your boat then the extra size is negligible making Trangia vastly superior when gassed up. 

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