20 Sep
 Sanük Donny Sidewalk Surfer

Sanük Donny Sidewalk Surfer

I recently bought a pair of Sanük shoes. They are the best shoes in the world. If you don’t agree then you are wrong. They are so good that to not like them is like volunteering for a mental impairment. You see, I was in need of a lightweight, casual shoe that I could wear like slippers or Moccasins that also looked good in an Australian casual outing environment and that were indestructible. They needed to be washable as well. I normally wear sandals for this sort of thing but that’s another story. So I visit a local surf shop at Mount Hutton and Troy talks me into Sanüks. He was an evangelist and I believed his message. Today I believe he is a true shoe prophet. Everyone needs a pair of these and I believe it will come to pass that those who do not have them will be part of a socio-economic strata that are pittied more than any other. I guess Crocs are a shoe of similar stripe but I will not contribute to a movement that provides 50% of the world’s uglification. Croc wearers are social pariahs now but Sanük wearers are an advanced and evolved breed worthy of admiration by all alternative shoe wearers. Buy some NOW or forever remain in a state of ignorance and regret.

PS. I have no financial interest in Sanük and receive nothing for so glowing an endorsement but all freethinking people with a strong sense of social justice believe I should.

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Posted by on September 20, 2008 in Paddle Gear


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