Blackwolf Turbo Lite 240…now reviewed.

24 Aug

At Rob Mercer training camp

At Umina for training

In the previous post I described my recent purchase of the Blackwolf Turbo after careful research int the best tent for the job. I can now tell you, after sending a few days in it, what it’s like.

Firstly, It’s bloody great! This tent rules so hard that it’s impossible to contemplate an alternative. I put this thing up in about a minute and after 5 minutes had the fly over it and pegged down. My old cobber Owen helped out and this made putting the fly on a bit easier as it is oddly shaped and one of the few criticisms I have is that Blackwolf could have put some labels on it to tell you which way it goes. A small concern and easily solved with a texta but they’ve thought of every thing else so it’s not a big ask.

On my first night, a wind blew up. Probably about 15 knots so not large but the Turbo barely noticed. Inside, the comfort and warmth were noticeable and you can easily regulate airflow with zippered vents. There are plenty of hooks to hang things like lanterns and there’s a handy pocket for your small bits. Another criticism is the entry flap for the power lead. It would be good to have one in each corner as the single one provided is not always near the campsite power. This happened to me. The power pole of the site was at opposite ends of the tent so I couldn’t run a lead to power my stuff. A small concern on the day but maybe a real issue down the track.

This model has two rooms separated by a zipped curtain so I could keep the tent divided in two. I can stand fully upright inside and also have a table and chairs in it. I even could cook my Trangia inside without any safety issues at all. Best of all, Owen and I packed it up in about 10 minutes.

All in all I can say that this tent met every expectation and no doubt will get years of use. It will certainly house my whole family on a trip and provides a near perfect base camp for kayaking trips. Buy one.

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