Surviving May with a new washing machine

07 Jun

Last month was a real bastard. Since my last post, more random disasters have fallen in my lap. Like my washing machine. It’s a thousand year old Whirlpool toploader that barely did it’s job. We always knew it would die one day and it chose the month of hell to do it in. I took it pretty philosophically. I have no money left and my credit cards are choc-a-bloc. Solution. Get another credit card. Not really. I went to work and wrote my own interest free contract with GE Money and went into the Electrical department to see the boys there about what to get. My old mate Paul informs me that the only two worth looking at are Miele and Asko which I wanted but neither can be purchased on interest free finance. I take the best of the rest, a Bosch frontloader. It’s pretty advanced and we spent ages watching it wash clothes largely because my TV shit itself (in May) and there was nothing else to do because it has rained for weeks now and it’s pointless going outside. I’ve also had my cancer cut out and am stitched up so I can’t enjoy paddling in this weather either.

So by enduring the last month I can now take stock of my situation as follows:

  • I have a new washing machine
  • I have nice clean plumbing and some new taps
  • my Volvo is in the best shape in years and registered
  • I am cancer free (hopefully)
  • That’s all. Nothing else good happened.
  • I should mention the great support I got from my klan and other kayakers who were concerned about my state.

The bad things can be reduced to the massive cost the month required, Madelaine’s broken leg and my cancer scare which was mercifully minor and quickly treated. I’m even less broke than I thought due to creative funds management and a good week or two in retail. Still, it was a massive hit and set us back ages but we survived and even moved ahead a little. I’m even being interviewed for a new job in renewable energy. I am also about to get a new mountain bike from money I earned from a side project that funds my kayaking and adventuring needs.

All in all, I’m pleased with my performance. I lost only one day to complete psychological failure but rallied and took control and kept an even keel. It’s like paddling in dire conditions. You just can’t stop, you have to keep paddling no matter what because standing still is dying and you have to fight right to the very last. You never know what the tide brings.


Posted by on June 7, 2010 in Kayaking Life


2 responses to “Surviving May with a new washing machine

  1. Owenw

    June 9, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    Big Fella – May didn’t kill you; but it certainly made you stronger.

  2. Sean Smith - Fat Paddler

    June 16, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    Blimey Brad, glad to hear things are getting back on track for you. Sounds like quite the ordeal. I’ve got a spare canoe, maybe I could come up and get you out paddling on some still water somewhere up your way as therapy??


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