RJimlad’s Brave World


This blog started out as an experiment on Blogger with the view to logging my interest in kayaking and my progress from a noobie to salty old sea dog. I am a member of the NSW Sea Kayaking Club which is a great club with great paddlers and founding member of the Hunter Kayak Klan. Since this blog started, I am starting to head toward the sea-dog side of things but the more you learn the more you realize how much you don’t know. RJimlad is a gaming log-in I have used for years and unfortunately has stuck as a handle for my on-line presence. You can call me, Brad.

I paddle an Impex Assateague, Rockpool Taran, a Perception Eco-Bezhig and own an Australis Gecko.


One response to “RJimlad’s Brave World

  1. Danny Morgan

    November 15, 2007 at 9:02 pm

    Hi Brad,
    Thankyou for spending the time to look at, and link my blog mate , just after looking at rjimlads site and it’s a belter mate , keep up the good work cause i’ll be checking in from time to time.
    At the moment over here it’s fast approaching the old snow time winter! ,so on with extra fleece and full wet suit’s while paddling. Our day time temp’s are in the single number’s 7 deg c and dropping like a stone, dark at 4:45pm and ice and frost on my car window’s is starting to happen.You were asking about using plastic sea boat’s,over here our coastline is very rough and me and my mate and (boss) Roy like to explore anything we see,so glass boat’s and rock’s in our eye’s dont mix and we are very happy with the Valley sea kayak’s we have , mine is the red avocet and my chum’s is the slightly larger yellow aquanaut both highly thought ofF boats in the U.K. Let me know if you recieve this email and give me some of your lovely OZ weather . Cheer’s for now and best regard’s from me and my family to you and your’s. cockpit up Danny Belfast Kayak Club Northern Ireland..


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