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Trials and Tribulations IV

As everyone knows, I’ve been living the good life the last few years. You know, cancer, radiotherapy, divorce, family deaths. That sort of thing. I haven’t had a serious paddle since November and then it was completely embarrassing. I went from being a competent and experienced paddler to a plodder with no stamina. Many skills I was starting to master just upped and left and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Radiotherapy is a bastard of a thing. For a start it probably gives you cancer rather than fights it and there’s little real evidence it does anything positive at all. You are fatigued all the time and your skin burns off in repeated outbreaks of whatever the hell happens there. On top of this, my new (2002) Land Rover Defender still doesn’t have roof racks and I can’t carry anything. So why not just buy some racks and go for a paddle?

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